Saigon Aquarium

Saigon Aquarium

Saigon Aquarium Corp. has been established since 1999 as a small, but very well organized freshwater fish breeding company. It began very soon to make achievements in the Vietnamese marketplace as a fish seller and importer. At the same time also looking for ways to worldwide export has began. Regarding to competition it was very hard to find the customers at beginning, willing to buy the fish from Vietnam – not typical freshwater fish breeding country. Over time we succeeded.

At beginning we were only buying and selling fish. But during the first year of our existence we started to build our own breeding farm. It was only 8.000 sqm in size. We brought over several fish experts from Czech Republic who helped us establish very stable fish breeding farm. We learned a lot and gained experience we passed on our new incoming employees. Also during the years we reviewed these methods and due our own experience we were able to improve breeding process and even preparation our own fish food.

In the following years Saigon Aquarium Corp. took very quickly prominent place among Vietnamese exporters not only due to wide assortment but also because of excellent organization and ability to meet wishes of the customers.

Today the farm area spreads out on 140.000 sqm and it contains unique water system, which provides fresh water flow for all the ponds, water tanks and aquariums. Whole farm complex includes hundreds of outside water tanks and ponds and several indoor halls with thousands of aquariums.

Together with breeding fish there are also fish from the wild nature in our stock list. There is a wide number of freshwater fish in Vietnamese nature. It was a great opportunity for our company to take in these wild fish to our every week offers. At beginning we were reselling only fish we bought irregularly from various tradesmen. Later on, we figured out it would be better for the business /fish quality and better choice/ if we buy the fish directly from the hunters. This model persisted several years. But still we had to wait if hunters were lucky to get the fish we needed. And also we did not have any influence on where and how the fish are cough, handled, packed or shipped. So we decided to train the hunters by our own employees to get continual and mainly reliable wild freshwater fish suppliers. In years 2008 to 2010 we took several journeys to different parts of South, Middle and Northern Vietnam to find new kinds of fish. And also the streams and river where they can be found in higher amounts to cover our customers inquiries. Our resources depends now only on law of nature and raining season. So there might be time of year when some of wild fish are not available. Beyond that we have enough other fish in stock for our customers.

Our motto is to deliver super quality fish to satisfy our customers needs.

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